NCT Failure Prevention

At we want your car to be in the best operating condition possible and to catch any minor problems preventing them from becoming major ones that can cost much more to get fixed. With every work done in our workshops we will also check the following:

  • Check Engine Oil Level
  • Check the Air Filter
  • Check windscreen washer fluid (top up free)
  • Check power steering fluid level (top up extra cost)
  • Check brake and clutch fluid level (top up extra cost)
  • Check coolant/antifreeze level (top up extra cost)
  • Radiator, heater and air conditioning hoses for leaks/damage
  • Check all auxiliary drive belts
  • Check battery operation and security
  • Check all exterior lights, check interior light
  • Visually inspect headlamp alignment
  • Clutch operation (if equipped)
  • Brake operation
  • Windscreen cracks and chips
  • Check horn, wiper blades and washer operation
  • Warning dashboard lights (check engine, ABS, Airbag etc)
  • Check seat belts operation and condition
  • Check for uneven tyre wear
  • Check tyre tread depths/condition
  • Check and reset tyre pressures
  • Steering suspension, tie rods, inner and outer, rack gaiters
  • Check ball joints, links, wishbones, bushes and other suspension components.
  • Check front brake pads and discs
  • Check rear brake pads and discs
  • Check shock absorbers, struts and coil springs condition, front
  • Check shock absorbers, struts and coil springs condition, rear
  • Check drive-shafts and CV joints/boots
  • Check brake lines and hoses for leaks and wear
  • Check engine and gearbox for oil leaks
  • Exhaust system condition (leaks, damage, loose parts)

The main reason for NCT failure remains the front suspension and the second biggest is tyre condition. Did your car fail its NCT? Don’t worry, we’ll fix the problem. Give us a call 085-77-77-888 for a quote or make a booking for cost effective solution.

  • Wheel Alignment / Tracking (Side-slip Test)
  • Shock Absorbers supply and fit (Suspension Test)
  • Service and Parking Brake repair (Brake Effort / Ovality / Imbalance Test)
  • Exhaust Emissions related repairs (CO, HC, Lambda, Smoke Test)
  • Front Lamps Focus (Head Light Aim)
  • New and Part Worn Quality Tyres
  • Brake Pads, Shoes, Cables, Discs, Cylinders, Pipes, Flexible Hoses
  • Suspension parts: Wishbones, Arms, Anti-roll Bar Links / Bushes, Track Rods, Ball Joints, Mounts, Coil / Leaf Springs, CV Boots, Bearings, Shafts, Steering Rack Gaiters, Dust Covers
  • Clutches, Flywheels, Turbochargers, Starter Motors, Alternators, Timing belt kits and Water pumps
  • Windscreens, Mirrors, Window regulators, Parking Sensors, Wipers, Batteries, Lamps and Body parts
  • Oil, Coolant, Power Steering and Brake Fluids leaks
  • Steel and Alloy Wheel Rims
  • Airbag / ABS / Catalytic Convertor and DPF failures
  • Electrical faults in Dashboard, Horn, Switches, Lights
  • Perished, kinked, damaged, rusted / corrosion parts

Remember, any NCT fail can be fixed. Call us, text or ask for a call back on 085-77-77-888 to get a professional advice about NCT pass.

For better understanding an NCT report you can click HERE for brief explanation. Also here, at NCT you can service and maintain your car on a regular basis between the tests for comfortable and safe driving.

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